Stocks at 8-month highs

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  1. Obama did more in 6 months than Republicans did in 8 years.
  2. not true. the republicans did a lot in 8 years. just not a lot of good.

  3. The markets are bouncing in spite of the halfrican, not because of him.
  4. +1

    Things are getting better and they will only continue to get better
  5. Considering how the DOW is inversely correlated to Obama's poll numbers, it appears the more Obama fails, the happier investors are!?

  6. Where were all you folks when Bush had the DOW at 14,000+?

  7. Bush was a master at Economics. Too bad the chicken shit commies like Pelosi, Reid, Waxman, Franks, Dodd, fucked it up for him.
  8. I was right here. Where were you Feb 2009?

  9. You must have FAILED at BASIC MATH.
    Under 8 years of Bush, the Dow Jones
    declined > 2,600 points.

    Bush sworn into office: 1/17/2001
    Dow at: 10,584

    Bush leaves office: 1/20/2009
    Dow at: 7,949

    Dow (loss): 2,635 points.

    Just the FACTS.
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