Stocks are stuck, why not trade commodities?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by crgarcia, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Commodities (excluding oil) will continue rallying in 2008, IMO.
  2. Whether they go up or down, there's plenty of money to be made....futs have been good this year.
  3. Have patience, stock market will move one way or the other. It isn't that the equities market will be be stuck forever, it never has never will. Its only since 12/27/2007 that the markets have taken a downward push.

    BTW Commodities are lot riskier than equities.

  4. If it doesn't go anywhere lots of money can be made selling options on both ends via Iron condors and butterflies strategies.

    Have patience, Fed rate cuts will happen by Jan 30, 2008 and the markets will zoom 300-1000 points upwards. There is no recession yet, GDP is not impacted, and the year got to a bad start instead of some bullish flavor.
  5. Yes, the stock market will move up, but too little, with too much volatility.

    Perhaps the S&P 500 may end 2008 up 3% (excluding dividends).