stocks are not dropping , they are being

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock777, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. recalculated to a new reality.

    or a new realty.
  2. No kidding. They took a brutal beating today. S&P dropped 36 handles in a straight line. Show me the last time that has happened, because I can't remember it.
  3. AAA, I posted on Index that we would have a 'big squeeze soon' about 5 min before that hit.

    I like to keep it 'obscure' so the imbeciles have something to be critical about.

    I have already posted size and direction, and found a good deal of ingratitude, even when that is 100% correct.

    So now I just give em enough to cause an embolism.
  4. It's called a "buyers strike".
    Everyone stepping aside in the last 90 minutes . . . No bids.
  5. No bids, then who bought the stocks?

    There's always a bid.
  6. Other shorts covering from above :p
  7. those algorithms that are getting blown apart...thats who bid