Stocks are Going to EXPLODE Higher

Discussion in 'Trading' started by super-ego, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. hajimow


    I liked the term that you used for oil,... I mean POUNDED specially when you used capital letters. The only thing that is pounded so far is the customers pocket. Gas prices are up 10% everyday. Percentage wise tax for gas is a good income for the government. I don't say the market will crash but I see the market 5% lower than where it is now in two months. I don't want to add my wish to the reality.
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  3. sure, and oj will finally find his wife's killers and bush will be impeached.
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  4. what's so bearish about that?
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  5. DTM


    I can see the Dow dropping like a rock. Even if oil drops now, the damage to the US economy by Hurricane Katrina won't be fully realised until the end of the month.

    The charts also look like its going to drop soon too. Even at the beginning of this week will see the markets dropping in my opinion.
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  6. Corporate and soverign spreads versus treasuries and their derivatitive - equity market implied volatility.

    The perfect storm has arrived. Are you ready?
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  7. fstrader


    If the NASDAQ can convincingly close above 2152 (and I think it will), then we should eventually see 2169-2172. I plan to look for shorting opportunities at that level. At least, thats the plan.
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  8. The perfect storm as in derivatitive debt weight or equity squeeze (highs) then shorting oppertunities on the way down?
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  9. Sounds pretty stupid. Like...if I can drive at 100mph, I'm pretty sure I can achieve 101mph soon. Duh!

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  10. Chagi


    I'm inclined to take the opposite side of this sentiment, though I should specify that my primary area of interest primarily lies with high tech stocks, as well as the Nasdaq overall (plus QQQQs).

    We've been seeing higher highs for oil on a regular basis for weeks now, and I think we're likely to see a significant drop in oil prices at the beginning of this week. I expect that if this happens we will see the markets rally nicely in September.
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