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  1. Someone posted a message about finding stocks to daytrade and it made me think a bit.

    IMO, the best stocks are those which have a good sized daily trading range, are priced somewhat reasonably, and have a relatively high volume for ease of entry and exit.

    So I did a query to find stocks from the NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX which have had an average daily range greater than $1, average volume > 500,000, and average price < $80 since September 1.

    There are only 428 of them out of 7300+ stocks screened and the excel spreadsheet is attached, ordered by average daily range. Perhaps it will give people new ideas for picking stocks.

    -- Rich
  2. holy shit, what a revolutionary concept ...


    only jokin' with ya rich. nice work, that's quite a handly list. sure many here will appreciate it.
  3. I was going to do just that very thing during witching tomorrow.
    Thank you for saving me some time.
  4. buy low sell high over and
    cnbc must really be hard up for advertisers.
  5. yeah, i was really bummed to see that someone else had apparently learned my secret method for profits in the equities market. LOL :D
  6. good idea! next time i'll charge $10 for each spreadsheet view and only post the top 25 to make it seem more scientific.

    that site looks quite hokey, not to mention that a bunch of the images show up as red x's from being broken.
  7. DougS


    Filters applied: Nasdaq stocks, price > $20, top 20 in volume and daily range as a % of price gives this short list:

    Symbol Avg Daily Range Avg Volume Avg Closing Price %
    KLAC 1.75383871 16751322 29.41741935 5.96%
    QLGC 1.798677419 15480051 28.05509677 6.41%
    MXIM 1.679548387 10341138 25.76354839 6.52%
    NVLS 1.457483871 9317022 22.47064516 6.49%
    LLTC 1.494935484 9559032 22.01054839 6.79%
    GENZ 1.421290323 4203980 21.12064516 6.73%
    MERQ 1.329967742 4388070 20.72306452 6.42%