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    Interesting concept. Looks like they are trying to put Bright Trading out of business. Just kidding Don. :)
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    I'm interested in the same company as well. Not much I can find out about them other than they owned/run by a company called NexTrade Worldwide Ltd based in Cyprus.

    I registered an account with them but haven't deposited any funds as of yet. One of their people just contacted me to run through a deposit over the phone but I said I'd do it another time. When I asked about the regulatory board they are gaoverned by there was a bit of a pause, and simply said we governed by EU trading laws. Asking specifically about the board/agency lead to a long pause.

    No company registered on the CySEC website for the same address or any info on NexTrade.

    Bit worrying....
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    Update for everyone - Support came back to me. They are not regulated, but they did kindly point me to the relevant section in the CySEC policy as to why - apparently they considered as a Binary Options trading company:

    From CySEC:

    Question Number: 16
    Relevant Provisions: Part III of the Third Appendix - Law 144(I)/2007 - “financial instruments”
    Issue: Binary Options
    Question: Are binary options regulated by CySEC?
    Answer: CySEC’s current position is that binary options do not fall within the definition of financial instruments under the IFLaw 144(I)/2007 and are therefore not subject to CySEC regulation.
  5. I heard Binary Option shops don't send you your money when you win! Let me know how it works and if you can get your money back out!

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    Any info on these guys, interesting concept none the less !
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    I have been a trader on Stockpair since October 2013 and it's end of July 2014 now.

    Fortunately, I'm a profitable trader and I can personally vouch for Stockpair as a legit organisation. I have won over 20K USD in profit on Stockpair and have had no issues making withdrawals. Payment is usually transferred within a few days of making the request.

    I've been with a number of brokers over the years, and few of them are as transparent and as 'clean' as Stockpair. Just my 2 cents!
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    Smells awful :mad:
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    Of course it does. No one knows more than me how often brokers provide their own anonymous "testimonials" online. But I am a private trader, I've written an entire blog about my journey through binary options (good and bad) over on if you need affirmation!

    Take or leave my comments, I don't mind! I already know how hard it is to decipher fact from fiction in this game! :p
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    Just a suggestion here....

    Instead of dealing with shady brokers why don't you consider hiring someone like to teach you how to make a living from spread trading. Spread trading is a legit strategy backed by stastical data.
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