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  1. I have read the complaints about newbies coming here and asking the experienced traders if this or that signal service is "a good one". It is boring to see all these posts week after week....

    I have never seen anybody posting the signals and actually following through with their results. I recall actually someone posting a complaint that nobody really has taken the time to post signals and TRADE THEM in full view of the community. I have seen many claims about these signal services... black box or purchased indicators or not be valid and just scamsters trying to make a buck. I have the courage to stand before the entire community with my money and trade this system for all to see. THIS IS A TEST AND I DO NOT CARE IF I LOSE THIS MONEY, AS I HAVE ANOTHER BROKERAGE ACCOUNT. Do you folks think this will be helpful to show a traders plight of following a signal service. Perhaps newbies could see how it goes for me.....and it might help their vision. This journal can get rather boring as the holds are 3-10 days, but if you are interested to listen to this savant then speak up or shut up.

    Being that this is a Traders forum, I think we get overzealous in our need to tell the newbies that there is no Holy Grail and to just read the threads and learn how to trade. Which is good advice.

    I have read complaints by many members here about the scamsters and the likes trying to use ET as a free advertisement forum for their products. The moderators seem to do a good job of weeding them out. THIS IS NOT THE PURPOSE OF THIS JOURNAL. Some of you folks know me and know I am no scamster selling anything. I have devoted many hours here discussing trading and I feel its time for me to contribute "real trades". I am unable to trade during the day. So, I want to purpose an idea.

    Now, I am willing with the Moderators permission to post and trade signals from . I have their permission to post their signals after the fact. I have a segregated account to trade with and can post the statement from the clearing house to validate my trades. Someone will need to show me how to get them in here...I have one of those free capture programs but I cannot save it to a url. I do not understand how to get a jpeg capture in here....but with help I can figure it out. I will need to paint over personal info.

    As you know I work a day job and I get in here every chance I get. I consider myself an experienced trader and able. I have subscribed to this newsletter type of service and found their info rather helpful for the following trading day. Included in this newsletter is a Pivot Point/RSI enhanced system. I use it to trade the NQ with 3-10 day holds. I started Sunday evening 11/30/03 (last evening) with the first trade, which I will post here based on the response I get to this introduction.

    NOW, REMEMBER THIS IS SYSTEM TRADING AND NO DEVIATION FROM THE SIGNALS....THIS JOURNAL IS NOT HERE TO SECOND GUESS. JUST WATCH AND OBSERVE THE PLIGHT OF ELECTRICSAVANT. Won't this be fun? I will need to change my name after this.....or I will be put into the ET hall of fame. Remember I take no responsibility for my actions and I am just a button-pushing executor of a signal service....what do you expect, I am an ElectricSavant!

    Now, I will get nothing for my time and if you decide to subscribe to this signal service you can give them my name and I get a referral bonus. BUT THIS IS UP TO YOU. I expect nothing and am NOT RECOMMENDING THEM. If you folks feel a need to give me credit then this is entirely up to you. I feel a need to put this disclaimer here as I do not want to mislead. I simply use there information as a customer on and off for the last 2 years. I like their commentary and just recently looked at this signal service they have.

    I will post until my little 5k test account crashes and for all of you to see. I will stop posting or not even start posting if I am asked to stop by a majority, a moderator, Stockmarkettimer or if I get tired of doing it.

    What do you think?

    Michael B.
  2. this is so stupid. your trading with the expectation of losing money, but you don't care cause you "have another brokerage account"?? LOL. IOW you are going to make a martyr of yourself in the name of saving the newbie? BWAHAHAHAHA! OK Thanks I needed a good laugh.. :p

    Now lets get crackin' losing the $$$. :D
  3. What if I make money?

    Michael B.

  4. nkhoi


    this is tuff because I almost did the same thing until Mr. Sub step in and bring me back from the madness, I vote 'no'.
  5. ig0r


    Should be interesting, good luck Electric! I'll try to save you if you start losing too much
  6. In the scenario that your journal actually makes money; be prepared to be flamed to all hell by the truly "Elite" traders :D

  7. Well, I respect your vote and opinion. I have enjoyed many of your posts here :(

    Now I dont like you anymore........LOL

    Michael B.

  8. I can take it....give me your best shot....oh by the way how is FPC doing?

    Michael B.

  9. Do you really wanna know how "FPC" is doing? He's been pretty lonely ever since you left L.A, says you don't call anymore either :(

    And YES...I want you to start this journal! Now, on with the show :D

  10. how much you pay these guys to trade for you?
    #10     Dec 1, 2003
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