Stocking Stuffa's

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  1. Stocking Stuffa's
    "The Qii flexible keyboard rolls up like a sheet of paper
    Keyboards have come a long way from the plastic dust traps of yesteryear. In just the past few months, we've seen virtual keyboards that project onto any surface and gloves that let users "type" in thin air. Now a handful of inventors have created the Qii, a thin, flexible keyboard that connects wirelessly to smart devices and rolls up into a portable case that fits in your pocket."
  2. Bluetooth Music Receiver
    Play the Music of Your iPhone/iPod touch Wirelessly Through Your Home Stereo
    Enjoy the convenience of a wireless connection while listening to your favorite tunes. With the innovative Bluetooth Music Receiver, you can appreciate the superior sound of your home speakers while controlling your playlist from the comfort of your sofa. Say goodbye to the hassle of cables, docks, and cradles, and play your iPhone or iPod touch wirelessly through your stereo. With Bluetooth 2.0 technology, you'll get reliable, high-quality sound.