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  1. Anyone ever use them and what is your opinion?
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    StockChartsVideo with Vincent Michael is the BEST Source for stock market analysis videos. Vincent Michael has 20 years of experience in stock market, and has become a constant source of easy-to-learn unique trading videos for traders. I highly recommend their service.
  3. I have mentioned on other forums that I have been a long time customer and listener of Vincent Michael. I love what Vincent Michael is doing at While listening to his videos, it finally hit me what is unique about his advice. Vincent Michael is obviously a capitalist. He engages and studies in the art of how money is deployed in order to generate profits for investors. Incidentally, Vincent Michael performed that goal for me over the past 4 years that I have been listening to him and following his advice. The difference with Vincent Michael is that he has a high threshold for morality and for companies and the government to do the right thing for society. What an incredibly refreshing idea for these hard times brought about by unmitigated greed. Vincent Michael is a breath of fresh air in the investing community.
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    I have no problem with spamming - but lets not try and take the high morality road in a post that is very likely spam on a board where advertisers pay.
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    If you have listened to his screaming voice on how successful he is with no loss and asks you to sign up for his service, you would be reminded of a crooked car dealer.
  7. Replace "Clifford Franklin" with "Vincent Michael"
  8. lmao @ the spambots with a single post

    i mean c'mon, REALLY?!?!?!