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  1. ADLE


    Hi guys!
    I will appreciate your input about these both internet screeners.
    I liked - you can go there and try your strategy right away(even though it apples only for l, - you gotta open account to try something out.
    Question is which one has more features, why is less expensive?
    Thank you guys.
  2. i've never tried subscription. i had stockfetcher for a while (6months), it was very good.
  3. Moreagr


    did it help look for certain setups and profitable moves?? that is what i am interested in... like reversals, breakouts etc.
  4. Moreagr


    are you using anything like it right now that is better the fetcher??
  5. da-net


    To those that have used Stock Fetcher as a screener, what were you screening for and what success rate did you have? I have just recently started studying Stock Fetcher and reading the forums. I found there are some postings that are extremely insightful and could prove rewarding. I thought it might be informative to use Stock Charts service to post the finds and proposed positions for others to view and critique. Any thoughts in this area?
  6. ozzy


    Is it worth it? I'm considering a sub.


    edit: ok I got a 3-month sub. It's $25 bucks I shouldn't have even bothered asking whether its worth it. I've lost thousands in minutes before, I was being ridiculous.

    Let the scanning begin.
  7. ozzy


    I've been eyeing trade-ideas as well. I believe its mainly used to trade equities real-time. I'll most likely get this in the future.
  8. da-net


    have you used all three? if yes, what makes trade ideas superior in your view? Is "OZZY" correct that trade ideas focus on equity positioning? thanks
  9. You know I deserve this...

    When I read the word "scanning", I think of Trade-Ideas. Just like when I think of charting and trading, I think of E-signal and IB. Trade-Ideas was once a sponsor here and I went ahead and broke ET policy and posted their Link, even though they are not a sponsor here, now.

    It's just that all sorts of traders use them and they are the best.

    Other platforms have integration with them and there are guys using custom alerts and piping their platform into their private sites with their group of users...


    I had no business posting because I have not used all of the products to make a fair comparison with the many others out there, and I should not really post links on ET, to paying sites.

    Michael B.

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