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  1. Hello everyone,
    Question to those who uses website.
    I simply want to know if anyone has same issue, or is the problem on my side.
    Stockcharts support was unable to help.

    I have paid subscription, extra plan, and trade US stocks only.

    Here's what happens: I open before US session starts, 9:30 am est. Then I open few browser tabs with stocks I plan to trade or follow, today. Each stock is from my pre-created watchlist, and has it's own style and annotations (drawn trendlines etc).
    For each stock, I set refresh rate, 15 or 60 sec.
    3:30 pm (30 min. before US session ends) all of these stocks suddenly turn into "default view". Means all of them become look like default chartstyle, and all my pre-created styles and annotations disappear. I have to reload each browser tab, to return the stock to its original view (with my styles and annotations).
    This happens every day, exactly same time. This only happens to stocks which have refresh rate turned on.
    Stockcharts support says that for some reason I am getting logged out automatically, and that it's cookies fault. But I changed the settings to allow all cookies etc., and also I tried this with 3 different browsers on two different PCs (win 7 & win 10). Same result.

    Does anyone use same way (set stocks' refresh rate on session beginning, and keep it to the end)? Do your charts survive like this, until session end? Or they turn into default view too. This all seem so weird, and annoying...

    Thanks in advance to all who shall reply.
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    I don't use them but what I suggest you might try next trading day ... is logging off during a mid day quiet time (so long as you have no open positions or unless your stops are safer enough away from current price) then logging back on. Might clean out data cache and cookies eliminating the oddity. But it may also require a reboot so altogether it would be a couple of minutes.
  4. Thanks,
    Yes that helps and actually that's what I do now (I either restart browser or refresh each tab, in the middle of session. But it's time consuming, cause after that I also have to manually set refresh rate for each stock, again)
    I just wonder if supposed to work like that...
  6. I use stockcharts too. Have for over 10 years.
    But I am not day trading.
    Most of my positions are nearing long term cap gains.
    I like stockcharts for other reasons.

    But i have complained to them for various little "nits".
    Usually they just blow me off with some standard "clear cookies, hit refresh".
    And when I have found some really bad data (once), they didn't even respond.
    They just fix it.
    No standard corporate:
    "You were right we were wrong. We are so sorry, please adjust your charts for this ...
    Stockcharts does not apologize.

    So, I can't give you much help for what you are trying to do.
    I will just say that stockcharts is a good source of data,
    but they don't like to admit when they are wrong.
  7. Thanks,
    True, stockcharts support does not respond sometimes.
    But they did respond to me regarding this matter, few times. Only, each time is was similar response like manage your cookies or browser settings which did not help.
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    Write to them or directly call them and if the issue is still not resolved then physically visit them
  9. I wrote and they did respond to me regarding this matter, few times. Only, each time is was similar response like manage your cookies or browser settings which did not help.
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