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  1. Hi,
    any user want to have one month of free service. Provide me your user id(email address) so that i can use it as my reference. You will get one month of free service.
  2. People pay for access to charting??
  3. Yeh. We plot it with a pen in our hand.
  4. All brokers have free charting with all the features... OX, ToS, IB, NT,etc...if you are trading with a broker you should alreayd have charts and not need to pay for it.
  5. Takion charts are of no use.I use amibroker for charting. Wanted to check and while subscribing it showed me a message if some one recommended me (they would receive one month free). So i thought why not ask some one if they need.
  6. depending on the cost it may be cheaper to put $250 in an account with Thinkorswim and get access to all their charting, analysis, and research.
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    I have a subscription to stockcharts, have had for 20 yrs, and am very happy with what I pay for.

    What I like is the number of chart lists I can access, the ease of changing time frames, and especially the ability to run custom stock scans.

    I feel it more than pays for itself.
  8. Yeah but my point is at Tos I do all that for free. With low commissions. You should see how much you pay a year for Stockcharts. If it is $500 let's say. Just open an account at ToS and put that there and get it all for free plus more.
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    I'll take a look.

    Old dog new tricks. I have my chartlists and scans already written and am comfortable with the system.
  10. ToS can also add alerts to its screener and you can screen for all fundamental as well as technical indicators it has in its library. Worth a look if you are paying hundreds of dollars for charting.
    YOU can even program your scans so you run through them in the morning or evening to look for candidates and then screen them down further.
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