Stockbroker beats down Hedge Fund Manager

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by 377OHMS, May 30, 2008.

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    saw the link was - no way i can click on it...
  3. 50_Bip


    What if it was from Al Jazeera - would you ckick on it then??

  4. LOL
    beats down hedgie by tipping over his spinning bike?

    that's no beatdown
  5. 377OHMS


    "He just can't help the grunting.

    Nor can he help shouting "Woo-woo!" or "Great song!" or "Good burn," or — inexplicably, "You go, girl!"

    That's what a spin-class workout is all about, hedge-fund manager Stuart Sugarman testified yesterday, taking the stand as the victim in the bizarre case of a New York City gym assault, the New York Post reported.

    "These are words that would get me charged up and really come out automatically," Sugarman, 48, told a jury, describing the prologue to a brutal spin-class smackdown that jangled his vertebrae and landed him in the hospital for 10 days.

    Manhattan prosecutors say that because of his annoying hooting and bellowing, Sugarman was brutally tipped up and off his exercise bike last summer by an irate stockbroker.

    His antagonist, Christopher Carter, had been sitting two bikes down at an Equinox gym at 85th Street and Third Avenue and was ticked off by the distractions.

    Carter is fighting a possible year in jail on the misdemeanor charges by arguing that Sugarman provoked the incident."
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    OMG...that is a riot. If only TV news would report more stories like this I might actually watch.
  7. Fox News and Al Jazeera operate in the same way: They lie and spin the sh!t out of stories.

    The obvious difference is their ideologies though...

    That being said, no need to watch either... Every media outlet is biased, but "Faux" and Al Jazeera are just outright ridiculous. I would even recommend from staying away from other corporate titans in the media industry, although all are more honest than Fox.

    If your interested in news, try to find independent sources. Read multiple articles on the same topic.
  8. Laughed my ass off!!!! I think hedgie needed to be told to shut up! After that, hedgie meets the floor.:D Great stuff!!! :D

    Sounds like the Broker will face less than a Felony, so he won't lose the Series 7 for ten years.

    I bet mr. arrogant hedgie will think twice before being an ass in public when told he's being an ass.:D
  9. hughb


    NYC Stockbroker Acquitted in Cycling Class Attack
    Tuesday , June 03, 2008

    A Wall Street stock broker has been acquitted on charges of throwing a fellow health club member into a wall during a cycling class.

    A Manhattan Criminal Court jury found 44-year-old Christopher Carter not guilty of assault against hedge-fund manager Stuart Sugarman.

    Carter had complained about the 48-year-old Sugarman's loud hollering and grunting during the high-impact spin class and asked him to quiet down. Sugarman admitted that he refused. He said Carter lifted his exercise bike and hurled him into a wall, damaging a disc in his neck.

    Both men weigh about 200 pounds.

    A juror says the jury did not believe Carter caused Sugarman's injury. Jurors thought the injury occurred earlier.

    Carter is a broker at Maxim Investments Group.

    Click here for more from the New York Post.


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  10. good news :D the jury hates hedgies as much as the stock broker did.
    #10     Jul 12, 2008