StockBoy's Stock Day Trading Journal

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  1. Its time for me to start a journal to keep a track record of all my trades. Keep in mind that I will be using a simulated account, with account value of $25k. The simulated account factors in .005 for each share with a minimum of $1. Keep in mind that I am a full time student and I do work a 20hr/week job, so my trading is limited. To keep it as realistic as possible I've been entering trades with a max of $8k worth of shares, which reflects about how much I would start trading with if I were to go live.

    November 11, 2008 (+$171.08)
    Scalped the SPY for the most part of the day. Was lucky enough to catch the beginning break out at 1:45 to go long, but exited to early in fear of a reversal. Shorted after the reversal was confirmed, but again exited to early.
  2. account for 11-11-08
  3. November 12, 2008 (+$57.42)

    decent day today. Started off the day by shorting HCP @ 22.81. As it was dropping I started to take some shares off the table, and eventually closed all my shares at 22.6. Shorted CME at 231.63 and eventually covered at 230.66. Shorted VMW when it was over bought after its upgrade news. Got in at 23.7 and eventually bought to cover at 23.56. Made a stupid play with EOG. bought it at 78.39 when it was breaking its previous day's close. I didn't realise my mistake until I noticed that all my signals was telling me to short it. Eventually closed out at 77.77.
  4. November 13, 2008 (+87.98)
    Started the day off by buying SE @ 16.05 on out break. My stop limited eventually got hit at 16.29. Made the horrible mistake of trying to short SE at 16.13 which I eventually covered at 16.27. Mistake was from poor judgment and not following my rules. I than shorted aapl @ 90.56 and eventually covered at 90.34. Pretty much done for the day, I have to head to school soon...
  5. I was actually able to get home early from class, So I ended up scalping AAPL as the market was making newer highs at around 3:15.

    *Update* November 13-2008 (+$122.05)
  6. Have work all day tomorrow so I wont get to trade :( but here is my results for the week. I've noticed that I have made a ton of Noobish mistakes, but hopefully after a couple months of experience I can sharpen my skills in interpreting the direction of the stock and jumping on it as soon as it breaks out of its trend. I hope I can keep up with this consistency. After 3 months of consistency I will go live.

    for the week starting from 11-10-08 (+$350.54)