Stock_turd3r is a better trader than 95% of ET - 5 reasons why:

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  1. I personally have the idiot on ignore. But you mofos keep quoting his ass all day long making my ignore function useless. So all you mofos that keep feeding the attention whore more attention - I will explain why he is a better trader than you. This is the biggest insult I can deliver to ET:

    1 stock_turd3r is smart enough to not trade for a living. He's is a bean counter at some government agency. Every now and then he makes a 'trade' in his IRA or 401k. Whereas most of ET either has or can't wait to quit their jobs asap with a 'dollar and a dream.'

    2 stock_turd3r doesn't use much leverage. The average ETer uses far more leverage than their stomach and rectum can handle.

    3 stock_turd3r simply buys and holds. The average ETer tries to nickel and dime every random move in the market.

    4 stock_turd3r never panics. The average Eter panic buys and sells all day long.

    5 stock_turd3r has lifetime job security as a gummint bean counter - he has no financial worries. The average ETer worries everyday about their finances and what the next day will bring.
  2. Are you part of the 95% or the 5%?
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    Stock turder may be better than 90 % here

    but there is a HUGE difference between those few on ET that are master day traders like me

    and our go happy lucky turder boy
  4. wow, he has a retirement account? i assumed he was a cocky teenager. (Its the whole 'i know everything' attitude).
  5. Yeah that's great and all, but you missed a very important topic. INTELLIGENCE

    The guy doesn't know a damn thing. THAT'S the problem. His whole attitude is the market will go up forever and the housing impact and mortgage impact will have no effect.

    That's simply not true as we've seen today.
  6. what would you know about intelligence?...afterall, you are easily the single most stupid poster here..maybe on the whole internet. give it up. you are a moron and everyone see's that from your stupid, emotional posting. take your 5k account and go home.
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    looks like its the turn for the longs to get angry and emotional....:)
  8. Knowing 'too much' and overanalyzing can be a detriment.

    During the market panic due to the subprime/lending/liquidity/mortgage, thing I read the headlines and skimmed some of the articles and realized there was no substance to any of the fear. Nothing had really happened. Nothing had changed that would affect the fundamentals of the markets. There was no COMPELLING proof anything was wrong. A few mortgage companies rolled over, a few funds imploded but that was the totality of the problem.

    So my analysis was simply to say "No big deal. Perfect buying opp. " and it really wasn't a big deal and it was a great buying opp now that markets are close to record highs.

    The slowmotion housing 'bubble burst' has being going on since 2005 but the market has ignored it because there are no serious issues with real estate. There are many regions where real estate has been climbing, not falling as the doom and gloomers seem to think.
  9. Stock Turder for president !
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    Nothing you wrote speaks to the quality of his posts which should be all that matters here...his posts are devoid of any intelligence and add nothing to ET.

    He simply repeats the same thing again and again like a parrot.
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