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  1. Buy these stocks if you want to make easy, long term market crushing returns

    FWLT foster wheeeeeeler

    MA master card

    GOOG goooogle

    BIDU bidu

    GS goldman sachs

    RIMM research in motion

    AAPL apple computers

    DDM dow ultra 2x ETF

    CHAP chappelle steel
  2. Thank you, I'll buy ATM puts on each one tomorrow!!
  3. Seriously, not just trying to fuck with you, but at a closer inspection of all those choices, the only one i may even consider hanging on to if I owned it (wouldn't buy it here) is GS.

    The rest of that shit has nowhere to go but down. All overvalued crap! You've outdone yourself to own the most hyped stocks on the market! THEY ARE DONE!!!! What did you do, buy everything that Cramer said to buy??

    We will have to look at where these stocks are at the end of the year, I predict MUCH LOWER!
  4. :D
  5. fwlt === way over extended. This stock has very little upside potential.

    MA==== also way over extend. No upside potential

    Google=== can make it to 540-566 without much problem

    bidu ==== has 7 dollars upside, and 40 down. Are you sure you like those odds?

    GS====still has some potential to make it to 275.

    RIMM====5 dollars upside 25 dollars downside.

    apple====6 dollars upside 21 dollars downside

    chap =====4 dollars upside, 32 dollars downside.

    These WERE all great stocks. Now they are great risks with little reward with the exception of Goldman Sachs.
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    Great picks......if you bought them over a year ago......I hope you "back up the truck tomorrow" and lose your ass stock_trad3r.
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    I guess for myself the only ones on your list I'd be interested in are RIMM and GS. RIMM to me looks the best.

  8. An almost infallible system fading stock_trad3r's picks
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    Don't say that, I shorted 300 shares of RIMM near the close today :(
  10. Shit, man, you've slid over from dipster to hypester and now, apparently, SPEED-BALLER!!
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