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  1. 1999 - Market's going up
    2000 - Just a little correction; market heading straight up
    2001 - Market's definately heading up this year
    2002 - ABSOLUTELY going up this year
    2003 - Told you so
    2004 - DOW 12k!
    2005 - Long long long!!! Dow 30k!!
    2007 - How can you not be long????

    Did I miss anything? :D
  2. Haha.

    I don't understand why these market 8 ball types love to spend so much of their time telling everyone else what's going to happen.

    The adage still stands; He who makes predictions for a living, make a lot of them.
  3. only 1 reply...i thought I was funny :(
  4. It was funny. Buying 2 year dips hurts the pocketbook, but as long as it's not your pocketbook it's hilarious.
  5. empee


    i enjoyed it!
  6. Trading is a serious business. We are not supposed to be funny !
    Just kidding. :D
    On the contrary, we do not see enough of them, although one might argue that some calls/posts are quite funny. Not sure it was intentional from the authors !
    Bring them on, the :D