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What do you think?

  1. He is a tool

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  2. I value his posts

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    Please vote :)

    P.S. Personally, I wouldn't want to be part of a group that thinks I am some sort of a joke.
  2. I'm convinced that STD3 is Dennis Kneale from CNBC. Glad to see he voted "I value his posts"! :p
  3. ST just comes on ET seeking attention. He was probably neglected as a child or was some sort of outcast in High School. If there is one thing he needs in his life right now, it's lots of attention, even if it's negative attention. I have a 6 year old who is probably the same as ST. He needs loads and loads of attention and if he doesn't get it he acts out so he can get negative attention. Good or bad, he needs attention. He's a really high maintenance child but when he gets the attention he needs he's a nice young boy. I think ST is the same way. He is probably in search of the attention his father refused to give him when he was a child so he comes here on ET and seeks attention, good or bad. If you keep creating threads like this you are giving him all the attention he needs.

    Now I gotta go give my 6 year old a hug and let him know he's loved. Someone needs to give stock_trad3r a big hug. Who's gonna volunteer?
  4. Stock_trad3r's video of himself in his village setting:

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  5. l2tradr


    Mods, please move this to technical analysis section. Stock_trad3r is the best contrarian indicator I have ever used. When he's bullish, short. Free money.

  6. Werd
  7. GOOG is going back to 300 AAPL is going to 75

  8. Seems to me that this guy would do great working for the National Association of Realtors or even a stint on CNBC.

    Will someone drive over to his mother's house and go down to the basement to knock on his bedroom door and let him borrow a suit and tie?
  9. Dear ET,

    I voted, "I value his posts"
    He is by far the smartest guy on the forum.

    Your Loyal Stock Turder follower,

  10. It won't seem so funny when the market continues its Nov 21st rally and you're forced to cover losing short positions.

    Whenever I read these gloomy jobs losses headlines or auto sales falling, home values falling, case shiller, ect I chuckle because I know some sucker just got duped into shorting at the worst possible time. The news doesn't make the market.
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