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  1. what would you do here? i'd appreciate some guidance.
    buy more, hold, sell:D
  2. l2tradr


    SELL isn't in his vocabulary, because, as we all know, everything goes up forever ;)
  4. Stock777 never showed up for his shift at McDonald's, so stock_trad3r had to stay and work a double shift on the fryer.
  5. His mom took him back to school shopping..
  6. I'm waiting on Stocktrad3r to come up with some bullish interpretation for this afternoon :D
  7. Someone shoved some Immodium down his throat, tried to cure his diarrhea of the mouth. Let's see if it worked.
  8. In Stocktrad3rs case, diarrhea of the mouth, constipation of the brain :)

  9. I've been right about the bear sterns and subprime not being a big deal and that the markets would rebound huge.

    What happeend to the subprime and bear sterns shorties? Whaaaa? You mean it isn't a big deal anymore? Oh the world isnt coming to an end?

    Stock rebound huge today AND monday. It was time to buy from the beggining.
  10. Just curious. What's not very bullish about this afternoon?
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