stock_trad3r was right

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  1. I followed this guy's bull call around the bottom and he was right, when everyone else was wrong. I thought he was a crank, but he was right on the money.

    Let's give credit where credit is due. He made a good bullish call.

    I, for one, respect our new stock_trad3r overlords.
  2. Looks like he seems to know what he is doing. The bull call is correct it seems.
  3. calling the bottom was easy as pie...what's the call now? it's a little more difficult now!
  4. Seems like the guy isn't posting anymore. I kind of miss him. He was maligned too much on this site.

    I'm not going to lie. If stock_trad3r lived near me, I'd invite him to every BBQ just to hear his perspective.
  5. lol.. i have a friend like the turder and it sure is good fun..i like him
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    It's a correction, you idiots. Fade it!
  7. ummm, the trad3r was continuously calling bull market starting before the crash. And continued calling it. The only word he knows how to spell is BULL. And this word applies to his knowledge, also.
  8. lol.... fade to black?
  9. Registered July yet you saw him call the bottom in March...

    So my question to you is, what other alias to you post under?
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    I don't believe you need to be registered on this forum to read posts.
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