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    Hey Stock_Trad3r, just so that we can all benefit from your views and you provide the most utility to this board as a whole. Could you please give us your views on where you think the market will be Dec 31rst 2008.


    This isn't meant to call you out, but since you enjoy posting your views see this as an arena to do so and others to use these insights to their (hopefully profitable) advantage.

    On Dec 31rst I'll open another thread and we'll thank you or criticize your predictions.
  2. Make sure to do this, however, only between classes at that community college, not when you're supposed to be in the ones your parents are paying for.
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  4. Dow 11,600 by Dec 31st 2008, oil 89

    I have no clue about the currencies or gold.
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    Clueless about everything from what I've seen in the last year and a half. Looks like you could add to that reputation. I know how mindless forecasters work.
  6. Only currencies and gold? You're too modest.
  7. Dow up 200 points and surging

    For the next 15 months this market will only trade higher. All dips are to be bought just like in the previous bull market.
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    Go for it sunny boy, go for it!
  9. Hey, I'm all for having some fun on ET, given that waiting for system signals can be less fun that watching a turd flush. But why start a thread to mock the guy? How old are we? Just ignore him and leave him in the pit.
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    25% gain between now and end of 2008???

    Highly unlikely, You will be lucky to even see 1/2 of what you predict, which would place the dow around 10500.
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