Stock_TRAD3R has started an IT business trying to dominate the internet

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  1. LOUD3R offers a network of 30 topic-specific semantic search engines. Some of the topics include venture capital (FOUND3R), fashion (GLITT3R), internet business and technology (BUZZ3R), men’s fashion (DAPP3R), politics (VOT3R), and many more. The network has received 200,000 uniques since their launch last month.


    LOUD3R claims to own 500 domains with the 3R ending, so it’s safe to say that eventually there will be a site for just about everything. They are rolling out six new sites soon: PREGG3R (pregnancy), TODDL3R (parenting), AMPLIFI3R (guitar), SPINNAK3R (sailing), ROOST3R (motocross), SHUTT3R (photography), and SUMM3R (a Bejing Summer Olympics site).
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    Funny thing that W3RD is not on the list..