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  1. Why has he not been banned? All he does is troll with negativity. Any kind of claim of success he flames. I'm all for harassing the scamming vendors, but jesus... if anyone makes a post saying they had a winning year or a winning day, hell, often a winning trade, he'll zero in on it and call the poster a liar. I understand the exceedingly low success rate on these boards, but to continue to allow these negative-Nancy types to troll here significantly reduces the quality of the board. The only other posts he makes that don't attack members claiming any degree of success are posts bitching about how unfair the markets are.

    You banned crgarcia for this, yet stock777 has been at it for much longer and is even more obnoxious.
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    I'm looking into his posts, however please use to ignore button on him in the mean time.

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  3. Well, at least he spelled my nick right.

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    I agree.

  5. +1
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    Joe, how are doing on that research? We're not looking for that second shooter in Dallas on the grassy knoll, just go back and read the last 10 posts as a proxy. It will suffice.
  7. I'm saddened that only 2 of my stalkers have chimed in here. Where is the rest of the lynch mob?
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    Joe, has is that is that investigation going? This guy is polluting your entire message board. If he was confined to chit chat or p&r it would not be a big deal but this guy is trolling on nearly every single thread in every forum. Come on Joe, if you are not going to ban him then there really shouldn't even be a banning policy on ET.
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    Maverick, he has made it 10 years and 12,000 posts. With that staying power it should count for something. Stock is ET's court jester.:D
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    I honestly don't know he has made it so long. He had other nicks as well. He is bringing the entire site down to his level which is pretty low.
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