Stock777 might have been right yet again, GS sniffing your

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  1. Regardless of any wrong doing, I have yet to see any credible source saying that someone who will pack a punch is going after Goldman on this.

    I truly believe that no one can take these bastards down.
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    Taking them down not impossible. All it takes is someone politically inclined. He will have the support of the people and become quite popular.

    Does AG want to be governor?
  3. Yeah, well I guess we'll see if such an imaginary hero exists.
  4. GS is the FED/SEC/TREAS, and the SEC/TREAS/FED is GS.
    So, now what?
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    Lol, well I do see your point. But I wouldn't call them heros. The other night an ad came on tv to join a class action law suit. It said this. "Have you lost money in the stock market recently?"
  6. I don't and can't know if that article has any basis in fact.
    But I do think there has been micro frontrunning in the market for years.
  7. This will quickly become the next Iran vote contra. It will fizzle out in the coming weeks, as no one has the gall to stand against the giant.
  8. It's a different time. Obama will move. he'll do it for self-preservation, and to distance himself from his two predecessors who enabled this.
  9. Unfortunately, I think big money will win over even the President.
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