Stock with the biggest bid an ask

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Vinny_Fnat, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. on nasdaq and NYSE


    any other with huge bid and ask ?
  2. MSFT

    Why bother trading that crap though?
  3. Just curious to know because my scanner dont scan that.

    I make about 100 trade/day but not on these stock

    I have see the biggest ask in my life on CSCO today

    19.99/20.00 4000/ 100000

    i have put short order 20 000 share at 20.00 for fun on arca and i have been filed , stock have fall .04 after

    a little free 800 $
  4. pfe and time warner don't kid either.
  5. Wouldn't QQQ have the biggest bid/ask? And SPY has got to be up there as well.
  6. I think the QQQQ's have the biggest but it cuts through those massive levels quite easily.
  7. lol, I predict Vinny_Fnat will not be around long enough to post 10 times at this rate.
  8. Be careful Vinny. When it was at 18.99/19.00 it had the same level. It held for a few days and then I watched it plow right through it like it was nothing. Seems after a while the computers make it their mission to destroy any level that seems to be a "good level" just to shake people out and run stops.
  9. I wish i had enough money that i could trade 20k lots of csco just for the hell of it and take some free money....
  10. razor02


    I shorted 12,000 at 19.99 and 20.00. But I put 9,000 shares too many on my bid at my exit, forgot to cancel them, and ended up losing money on what should have been free money. I felt like such an ass afterwards.

    Seeing SBSH post 5 million shares on the ask at even dollar was way too juicy to turn down.
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