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    I just upgraded memory in my machine from 256mb to 512mb. All went well and all works fine except Stock Watch Pro. SWP goes to 100% CPU usage as soon as it is opened and locks up. Has anybody had a similar experience or might know how to correct the situation? I should note, all my other programs work fine (including Q Charts). Thanks in advance.
  2. I may have a similar problem. In my case, SWP opens and runs. But the moment anything is done to any chart, the program locks up. The only way to shut down is task manager. Other kinds of windows don't create a problem, so I've just been using qcharts for the charts.

    I emailed Crontech many times, and finally was just ignored. They pretend like nothing is wrong. Up until now, I assumed it was some kind of video card or driver problem. I have 3 computers in the house. Both of the multi monitor setups exhibit this problem (different mb's, video, etc.). The old clunker lets SWP work fine.

    Please let me know if you ever get it figured out.
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    StockWatch Pro is a very buggy software. It is so buggy that it must be sent to the sand dunes again for testing before selling it. Even version 2.31 is buggy and sometimes makes your PC unstable after a few runs.

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    The memory that you added may not work properly. I had experience with a notebook. After upgrading memory, some program crashed randomly although the system seemed stable. For example if I zip a very large files, the program crashes, while it works for small files. It turned out the memory that I added was not good. After I took it out, everything returned normal.

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    bundlemaker, in your case did you upgrade memory when the problem started? I also have to use task mgr. to shut down. I emailed Crontech, but don't expect a reply real soon. If I get it figured out I'll let you know.
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    qdz, When you say that the memory may not work properly, do you mean that what I added was defective or not compatible?
  7. debud,

    No change to memory. On one box it's a stock Compaq with a different video card (which has caused some other minor glitches). Other box is home built. Hope you have better luck with support than I did.
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    Might need to reinstall the program. On my second day of using the software I ran into a problem of an illegal operation every time I started it up. Totally un-useable. I backed up all the data files, uninstalled and reinstalled. I then copied the old data files back into the working directory one by one. Narrowed it down to corrupt alerts.dat file. Different problem than you have but the fix might be the same.
    Good luck

  9. thx bhds, but I've tried reinstalling multiple times on two machines. Same problem on both machines. Computers are totally different. Crontech sent me a stripped down default chart file, which had no effect. I even tried with hard drive format, clean install of op system, and only SWP installed. Same thing, so not conflicting with some other application.
  10. I just upgraded my computer, with a 512 (RAM) chip, they are $29.97 with rebate at Compu USA. I'm running 768RAM now on my 1.5 G processor. OMG you talk about speed. I suggest every body go down and upgrade. I was runnin just 512 Ram and my cable was slow, the upgrade corrected the slowness.

    That could be a cheap way to correct a software problem. I am not kidding, the guy at Compu USA said it wouldn't make a big difference, It made a HUGE difference in my Cable speed of changing webs sites and programs boot in milliseconds.

    I might even go down and buy another 512 chip while they are cheap. I upgraded my wifes computer with the 256 chip I pulled out of mine. Shes running 896 Ram on her 800 MHZ processor.

    If you haven't taken your computer apart yet, time to jump in and get into the hardware. Just make sure everything is unpluged, and that you aren't static when you touch anything.
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