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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gdtrader, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. If any one could help me with the screener I am just learning the program. I wanted to search for stocks when

    5 sma crosses 15 sma for 3 min chart what would be the formula to input??
  2. chaifus


    I think this should work ... check out the website, they got a lot of sample formulas.

    MovingAverage[MA,Close,5,0,3]>MovingAverage[MA,Close,15,0,3] & MovingAverage[MA,Close,5,0,3,1]<MovingAverage[MA,Close,15,0,3,1]
  3. thank you very much. Does anyone else have an intraday searches they use for trading that they find useful??
  4. opm8


    This is off topic but I'll ask anyway :p

    Is there a way to add a drawing tool? I'm on the 2 wk trial since they now support the Lycos $9.95 datafeed (identical to the $79.99 QCharts one) and I'm missing the 'projection' drawing tool. The one where you connect pt A to pt B to pt C and it plots the distance to pt D relative to the AB distance. Useful for ab=cd relationships in Gartleys, etc.