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  1. John_IL


    I think I like what she is doing.

    I'm thinking of purchasing her course.

    Does any one here own her course and is it as good as it looks?

    Thank you
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    all BS. save your money
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    I'll second what Dozu said. I know nothing about her, but these courses are never worth the money. There are many good books which you can even check out at the library or pay less than $30.

    Try Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas. It's a little repetitive, but covers the most important aspect of trading - psychology.
    If you want something geared more towards a system you could read The Logical Trader by Mark Fisher. I don't specifically use the ACD system, but Mark has many good ideas.

    Good Luck
  4. John_IL


    Very good advice guys.
    I noticed there is a high volume of trading websites and rooms.
    I will take your advice and get a few good books.

    Thank you
  5. FWIW, Typing "Trading from main street" into google gets you to the same destination.

    TFMS Use to be Brandon Fredrickson's gig, and Toni was affiliated in some way.

    Brandon still posts here occasionally, and I've always respected what he has to say. Pretty much a no BS guy, and always seemed to give pretty solid advice when I had a trial in his chat room many years ago.

    From what I remember, Toni had some good input in those rooms also, but again, that was probably in 2000 or 2001 or so. And honestly, the age old question remains..."If she's profitable, why is she selling stuff?"

    I actually wouldn't mind hearing from Brandon on this one.

    Brandon, You out there?
  6. John_IL


    The patterns she uses for day/swing trading are interesting.

    Just found out she has a free chat room on MIRC; think I'll try it out next week.

    It seems like her course is not too expensive when compared to other courses out there.

    I'm going to get a few books tomorrow and see how it goes.
  7. Dp you seriously think buying some nonsense off the internet will help your trading?

    The only person who makes money selling strategies is the seller.
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    Thank you
  9. John_IL


    I traded live for the first time today and would like to share my trades with you.
    I traded 300 shares at a time.
    Google only 50 shares and one time 100.
    My first trade was +43 in Leh this gave me hope that I can do it.
    After I got 3 losses I was supposed to follow my rules and stop for the day but I wanted my money back so I continued.
    I took 2 big losses in Rimm and Jpm
    I closed platform. And said that is enough for today.
    But something in my mind was telling me the market may be very good for shorting after it rallied up.
    So I restarted the platform again in hope I could get my money back.
    I was looking for a quick profit from a stock that moves fast and big.
    I got in 100 shares goog short and lost -178.
    So I almost doubled my losses.
    As you see I had only 1 profit all morning.
    Now I¡¦m thinking I¡¦m not ready to trade live until I make money on paper trading.
    My paper trades are 80% losses as well.

    I don¡¦t know if this is just me, but the market was very volatile today.
    Most of my trades were long and could have gone through if I stayed in longer but I got out.

    Goog -178
    Rimm -123
    Jpm - 114
    Nem - 48
    Kbh -51
    Goog -44


    Leh +43
  10. I agree with the general consensus here - normally not worth spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a course from a guru.

    You can learn a great deal from 1 book such as John Murphy's 'Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets'. Also, I'm happy to say, there is a wealth of information out there for free, thanks to the internet.
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