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    I was just introduced to the Investor Toolbox through Get Motivated Seminars and Success Magazine. I have signed up for a 2 day course for 6-7 October for $2000. I can opt out by 1700 (end of class) on 6 Oct and not get charged. It is also $299 every 6 months after the first 6 months to use the program. I am studying the program and doing a bit of investigation to find out if there is another program that is as impressive/effective that doesn't cost as much. I have received some negative critic comments. They don't help much. I'm looking for some sort of comparison guide like ConsumerReports automobile, etc. comparisons, or someone who has been around and can give me a good idea of what is good, better, worth the money, and why. It would help immensely to get the why behind the remark to support it. Success Magazine has done a very good job of impressing me with the Investor Toolbox so far because they have back themselves up well with their strategies/ideas/point of view. What say ye?
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    too many variables and it's also depend on you, your aptitudes, motivation etc.. too many things to have any meaningful comparison report, and yes I think there is better tool out there, pm me for name since we don't promote free ad.