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  1. interesting....although not interesting enough for 35 bucks:p
  2. I have a 2005 copy, and IMHO, it's useless. It's basically an expensive calendar.
  3. exactly correct..

    and a very small hard to read bad calendar at that..
  4. My post eluded to the DAILY STATS that can be found in the back of the Almanac and seasonality studies.
    Too bad the $35.00 is cost prohibitive for some of you.


  5. not prohibitive....not worth it...maybe worth $19.95 IMO
  6. Not sure why everyone is so down on Stock Trader's Almanac (STA) which costs a fraction of what most newsletters and other services cost.

    It's not a complete trading system by any means but there is useful information in there, especially if you're a swing/position trader.

    STA was correct in their assessment of the Oct 2002 low and the likely rally from those levels. Also, their seasonal buy signal kicked in around October 19 of 2005, resulting in nice gains.

    Is it perfect -- no. Can it provide some additional insights to a trader/investor with a good system in place -- yes.
  7. There's a few good seasonality info in there that will spark taking a closer look at the seasonality high probability trades in the Emini Futures and similar like trading instruments.

    The less than $40 dollar fee is just pennies to what a futures trader will discover about some high probability trades.

    Simply, its a good source to spark further research eventhough it may not be specific to what your doing as a trader.

    For example...

    The S&P 500 between Oct 26th - Nov 14th had not had a losing duration since 1990 and has profited on average about +31 points each year in that duration since 1990.

    Now...imagine a few ES or SP contracts to the Long side next year around Oct 26th with any confirmation tool your currently using...each contract x +31 points.

    $40 dollars doesn't seem so expensive.

    You can ignore the book and do your own seasonality research in the futures and hope you stumble onto something via trial-n-error.

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  8. It's most unfortunate, that even though you were BANNED several weeks ago, you still show up with your after the facts anaylsis.
  9. everyone seems to have the impression that i believe it is too expensive. lol For the information found inside, I thought it wasn't worth $35. Thats all
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