Stock traders almanac online?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by MainFramer, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. Is there anything like the Stock Traders Almanac available online?
    I can't find a copy of the Stock Traders Almanac where I live,
    and doesn't give sample pages of it so I can see if its what I want. I need something that will tell me what days have events that will affect trading, like FOMC meetings, triple witching, etc.
  2. cartm


    A lot of people talk about all sorts of different trading books, but the almanac is one not usually mentioned, I think it is a must, u can get a copy at or try google.
  3. Tony01


    Check out their website:

    Check under archives to view their newsletter which has similar info to the book. The almanac is mostly statistics about how certain times of month/year are more profitable,etc. It also shows all important meetings,etc. on calendar.

    Also read the table of contents at to get an idea of info.

  4. Thank you for the links and for the description. I'll get it.
  5. Great link. Isn't there somewhere to get a stock trader's almanac desk blotter?