Stock trader moving to emini futures - advice please!

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by jzlucas, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. Looking to start trading the emini S&P w/ 10k to start. Only trading a contract or 2 to start! Which trading software package & live data feed should a small timer like myself use? Are they all "pretty much the same"??? ANY response/help/advice will be greatly appreciated!!
  2. do you have experience with trading the ETF's?

    reason I mention this is the CME is introducing

    ETF futures next week and ONE CHICAGO has

    amd ETF future ...

    so you might be able to hedge or go even smaller in size
    than 1-2 contracts ES , NQ . YM etc if needed

    good luck
  3. Yeah, but what kind of liquidity do you expect for these new futures? The spread might kill you...
  4. Yes, I have experience trading the ETF's. I'll look into your suggestion..... thank you.
  5. =======
    Esignal is reasonably reliable say for 13 minute timeframe charts and more;
    but Seth arb mentioned ;;
    ''smaller in size''

    For sure would not trade 2 contracts learning new market.

    Hope this helps.:cool:
  6. Thanks for the suggestions, Murray! I appreciate it!
  7. ozzy


    Stocks vs Index Futures.

    Is like Baseball vs Cricket.

    Simalar but different.
  8. Here's an interesting story...I was 1 of the first to trade the small cap ETF's when they first came out back in late 2000 and the spreads on IWM and IJR back then were virtually FIXED all day at 20cents!
    But those things were moving, if I'm not mistaken back then, like $2-$3 a day. There was virtually no volume but somebody kept the spread fixed all the time until volume came in a few months later.