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  1. Time to track the implosion of value in a portfolio that takes no profits. These were stock trad3rs picks he posted on 6-13-07.

    I took the closing value of each stock on that day and came up with a simple index to track these buy recommendations.


    FWLT $104.29
    MA $150.30
    GOOG $505.22
    BIDU $138.24
    GS $233.64
    RIMM $170.80
    AAPL $117.50
    DDM $94.99
    CHAP $70.27

    So the index inception is valued at 1,585.25

    on todays close, the index is at 1,667.80, up 5.207 %

    SECURITY 6/14/07 6/29/07 NET RETURN

    FWLT $104.29 $106.99 $2.70 2.589%
    MA $150.30 $165.87 $15.57 10.359%
    GOOG $505.22 $522.70 $17.48 3.460%
    BIDU $138.24 $167.98 $29.74 21.513%
    GS $233.64 $216.75 $(16.89) -7.229%
    RIMM $170.80 $199.99 $29.19 17.090%
    AAPL $117.50 $122.04 $4.54 3.864%
    DDM $94.99 $93.61 $(1.38) -1.453%
    CHAP $70.27 $71.87 $1.60 2.277%

    $1,585.25 $1,667.80 $82.55 5.207%

    [q]06-13-07 07:23 PM

    Buy these stocks if you want to make easy, long term market crushing returns

    FWLT foster wheeeeeeler

    MA master card

    GOOG goooogle

    BIDU bidu

    GS goldman sachs

    RIMM research in motion

    AAPL apple computers

    DDM dow ultra 2x ETF

    CHAP chappelle steel
  2. What a great idea. He's up so far with the biggest gains coming from the momentum stocks in a rampant bull market. Not a bad strategy, Livermore would've done the same although his margins were much better back then.

    You could have done 20-30% in that small time frame sticking to pure momo stocks like MA, BIDU, and RIMM... a lot more if we're talking straight ITM calls.
  3. Need to add that the average of the P/E's in this index is 59.87 as of close today.

    Thats higher than the shanghai!!!

  4. I guess you can't argue with the numbers.
  5. Although not that much higher than nasdaq 100, which is about 38.
  6. Yup proof that my method does work

    BIDU and RIMM moved much higher this week

    last week it was MA
  7. I'm new to the board so forgive my ignorance, but I'm dying to know. What is your method?
  8. You're asking stock_turd3r?

    hmmmm... this should be good for a laugh.

    He's a legend in his own mind.
  9. I think stocktrader is a confused character.

    My personal opinion is that the word "trader" seems to imply someone who uses a somewhat risky short term strategy to realize cash appreciation (or for the unlucky persons, cash depreciation).

    His method seems to be buying and holding leading stocks. This does not seem to be "trading" but more like "investing".

    So his purpose here seems to be to preach against the traders.

    Its almost like the guy with the cross standing outside the Las Vegas casino telling everyone the error of their ways.

    So he is here as the resident cross bearer telling me that my drinking, gambling and womanizing habits go against the Bible.
  10. And michael scott is still a confused putz who is showing signs of brain damage and early onset dementia.

    Maybe you should take an IQ test. If you score low enough you can qualify for disability.
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