stock "tip sites" on internet

Discussion in 'Trading' started by billpritjr, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. I see more and more stock "hot tip" sites on the internet, run by people who call themselves "Chief Research Analyst" or "Trading Advisor" etc etc

    However a check of SEC and NASD databases show no RIA or other certifications....

    aren't those sites illegal then? or in America, the land of opportunity, can someone do whatever the he11 they want?

    I see some of these sites are charging from $250 to $500 A YEAR for "hot tips" that are not that hot to be honest.

    At 5000 members, thats 5000 X 250 = 1.25 MILLION dollars in cash coming in the door

    maybe we are in the wrong business?

    :confused: :(
  2. Well, i think they have a right to.

    If people are naive enough to pay someone like that to give them "Hot Tips", they deserve to get ripped off.

    I know how you feel buddy...I have a hard time watching those wizetrade and 4xmade easy infomercials because i know 1000's of people are getting ripped off, and some fat at is getting richer. :mad:
  3. or Waxie, anybody seen him lately? He made his millions and disappeared from the scene

    on another note, the guys who made the DVD "Bum Fights" are now millionaires, selling their homemade DVD's for like 20 bucks a pop

    both were 23 when they did it

    :eek: :eek: :eek:
  4. That kid who made "Girls gone wild" have his own jet!

    All you need is an idea! Good for them for doing it...

    About 2 years ago i came up with detachable laptop screens, now i am starting to see them :(

    You can make some good money if you create your own porn site. Come up with something different, and i am sure people will pay for it. It's a multi-billion $$$ industry. :)