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    We are traders who look for 2-3-5-10% or as much as the market can give us during a 1-15 day hold period.

    NYSE / NASDAQ positions.

    No penny stocks.
    $5+ stocks only.

    I will be trading mostly $25-$90 stocks myself because its easier to trade.
    Mininum volume 1 MIL+

    Let the games begin.
  2. thanks for letting everyone know that you will continue trading

  3. Excellant , let the games begin.

    Coolweb QQQQ gapped below 50dma, med polar bearishbut divergance=200dma bullish

    Like some in transportation sector/polar bearish,
    below 50dma,
    below 200 dma,
    below 20 dma.:cool: Cool
  4. While the market conditions arent very good, LSS and HOS look like possible buys today.

    I am currently not entering due to the market conditions.
  5. So much for your concern about current market conditions. LSS and HOS are both up sharply today.

    You may find, as I have, that your opinion of market conditions should not so much impact whether or not you take a trade, rather what position size you take on.

    If you have a good system or strategy, don't be scared off the trade by an "opinion" of what may happen to the overall market. More often than not, you'll be sorry you listened to your fears.
  6. You made this call AFTER both had shot up already.

  7. I agree. But if you are lookng for 10%, the first 3% makes no differnece.

    I am not here to predict which stock is going to go up. I just monitor and go with the flow.

    I may still enter depending how the day unfolds.
  8. Sorry about that. You are right. I forgot this is a swing traders forum, I'm stuck in the "now" mentality :D.

  9. Nevertheless, an improvement over tradingbug's "THEN" mentality. :eek:
  10. Your right that the majority of people have a predictive mentality over an anticipation mentality.

    Most often though, the majority is wrong. All these 2006 predictions are soo funny.

    Also, this mentality that I have has yielded an extraoridnary return compared to typical returns per year(10%). I am always down for learning though.

    I do like your trade small size mentality. I will have to monitor the situation and see if it is an improvement.

    The big picture is when you are trading MILLLIONS and I would prefer everyting to line up when using margin and what not.
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