Stock Sorting Software (help)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Mike_Vick, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. Can someone recommend something even a website that can do the following.

    1. Sort for stocks with say 200% normal volume on the day where I can also add criteria such as and the last price is above 10 dollars and the average volume traded exceeds 100,000 shares.

    2. Sort for all stocks that closed on the low or high of the day.

    3. Sort for 1 month high, 2 month high etc. (i.e. where you the user set the criteria)

    I have tc2000 but i can't get the pcf I built to do what I need it to do.

    Anyone know a platform or website I can do with with?

    Appreciate it.
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    You can accomplish this and more with TradeStation as soon as TS7 with Radar Screen is available
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    Not exactly, as from what I understand, there is a 500 symbol limit to RS.

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    Hi, Mike. Go to this group and ask your questions there about what you're trying to do in TC2000 and they can help you write a pcf or tell you what you need.
    Telechart2000_Users · TeleChart 2000 Users Good luck.
    PS Does anyone know if MetaStock Professional 8.0 will accomplish this sort of screen? Thx.
  7. Radar Screen from 2Ki has no symbol limit
  8. If you're looking at end of day data Quotes Plus,, will do it. It's a good product with decent support and the programming language is dead simple.