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  1. Does anyone use the Stock Signal Pro?

    How do you like it?

  2. One thing I like about Stock Signal Pro software is that the designer of the software provides free online classes on using the software each week. Sometimes his classes are twice a week, over an hour long. He also goes beyond the software and shares his trading knowledge with the user groups. For such a low price on the software, this is an amazing deal for any trader because of the free live classes.

    My personal site is and there you can see many snapshots of the software. If anyone has questions about it, just visit my site and email me. I personally use the software mostly to follow the market trend since I now only trade options for the most part, but I find it saves me time and helps with that too. For people only trading stocks, it's a very good program and time saver. It can analyze your portfolios in under a minute, giving buy signals, stop loss price, etc. by finding popular trading patterns like the flag, triangle, wedges, etc. I think it's similar to the technical analysis that Investools teaches, but it's much faster since you click a button and it goes through all the graphs for you. It's also not going to break your bank account to purchase it.

    It looks like not many people have reviewed it yet, but there are user groups and free online classes that go with it, and that is mainly what I wanted to point out. Mentoring is usually very expensive, but you get it free with Stock Signal Pro.
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    I joined the Swing Trading Cub thinking I would get help as an end of day trader, but all the info happens during the markets. I would like a good scanning tool to help pick the stocks. Their free data source lags way behing in the evening.