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  1. Dear-

    I am a newbie in NYSE and have short English so apologize for possible error.

    Among so many stocks listed in US, is it possible to select 200 (or 300) stocks, from the largest trading amount order?

    For example, the 30 stocks in Dow will probably in the above 200 stocks, I guess.

    Of course, average amount of trading in US dollors in the last three years will be fine.

  2. I do not speak English, if you would like a Chinese
    I guess you want to pick out the largest volume of 200 stocks, using a sort on it

    about amount,My software where there is no such data
  3. Although I lived in US for 10 years in my 20's, I rarely spoke English for the last 15 years.

    My apology.

    If volume is concerned, if some penny stock has lot of execution volume, it is NOT important to the dollar amount.

    Probably volume multiplied by average price might be fine for my needs.

    Where can I try, for example, which brokerage, yahoo or google?
  4. I can not speak english,so i can not understand your word
    I studied the stock market for many years,I know the stock trading volume and amount,But according to my research, they will generally be used in the study of trends in the short term with the judgment, the high error rate

    If you would can say Chinese,i will understand you.
  5. Or you tell me what you want to study? stock or index? which stock?
  6. I have 5 years experience in Asian market , with successful record / Recently started API study

    Only in equity / never had future/options / Also no interested in index-following ETF

    During my 10 year in US, I got Social Security Number so that I have US equity account myself recently / where I hold some equity in Dow 30 recently
  7. very good! You are a winner,I just understand the Chinese stock market, little is known about the other.I want to be able to know some professionals to learn some knowledge of foreign.While some information to inform their Chinese stock market.

    I have my own earnings model