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  1. I currently use madscan to filter for trades. It has unbelievable capabilities. I am just curious if anyone knows of another platform that is comparable or better.

    I used to trade with Kershner and they use Insight to find setups in the market. Insight is the best there is, but is in house so unless you trade with them you sh$t out of luck.

    Madscan is good but Id like to know if there is something better.....

    Talking about a screener that can find U mode quotes, sweeps, outside prints, spike tickers...etc. Nothing fundamental based or technical analysis based.......
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    which markets must it cover?
  3. Equites -Nyse, Nasdaq, Amex... But also if there is a screener for options or other markets Id like to know that too....
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    Closest to Insight. Website is crappy. Product is not.

    Contact Charles. He'll hook you up with free demo. Probably code whatever you're looking for on the fly to see if it's right for you.

    Expensive is a relative term. Hope you're not easily sticker shocked.

    Good trading to you.
  5. Thanks man.....
  6. Stealth Alerts is the real deal. Made money from it day one. Nothing compared to Madscan or any other stock screener. This software is highly efficient and robust. They did an outstanding job developing the back end to support its capabilities.

    So for anyone who left Kershner and needs a stock screener, Stealth Alerts is where its at. It goes above what Insight was capable of.
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    Have you tried Trade-ideas ? Far superior to Madscan
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    I've heard some good things about them.
  10. Madscan software is a joke. Written by hackers.
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