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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jeviduty, Oct 19, 2011.

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    After using Trade-ideas I soon realized that they have a very limited number of alerts for scalping at the 1min and 2min charts. I need to have these alerts and filters on the 1min and 2min charts. Trade-ideas has very few alerts which analyze charts at these levels.

    Any recommendations, alternatives?

  2. Scalping at the 1min and 2min charts?

    Oh boy, these timeframes feel like months to a true scalper. It is more like trend following than scalping.:)
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    Wasn't sure what to call it. Trend following sounds good to me.
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    Responding to my own question.

    I found StockVision PowerScan. It many of the same parameters as trade ideas but adaptable to the 1min and 2 min charts. I honestly like it much better after just one day of using it.

    Good Luck to everyone.