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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bellman, Apr 1, 2009.

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    Is there a stock screener that will sort percent gainers over any given time period? All the screeners I've come across only sort them against the previous close, but I'd like to find one that sorted for any time frame I wish.
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    Does one have to build there own screener?
  3. Jon Markman has a momentum strategy with a stockscouter, but it lost 26%, compare to S&P500 at 44% loss..still a loss:eek:
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    finviz is a pretty good filter. You can check for %gainers from the open, but I want to scan for percent gainers over the past 30 minutes. I'm not a big fan of candlestick charts either and I haven't been able to intuitively change the way the default chart looks. All the same interesting website especially for swing traders.

    Doesn't do exactly what i want it to, but sure does have some nice visuals, hence the name I guess.
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    Quite a few software platforms can do that but depends on your budget.


    Or maybe

    Both about the same monthly $ depending on what subs you have

    If you want to spend more $, then the usual suspects, tradestation, multicharts, ami, neoticker, etc etc.

    There is a way to rank them on their website but you can also specify min/max up/down X% in 30 min as well.

    So if you only wanted to see stocks between 50 and 100 that are up at least 1$ on the day on increasing vol with tight spread and that are up (or down at least 2% in last 30 min (as an example) you could do that.

    TI is much more powerful than it appears and if you can work within its limitations, might work for you.

    Good hunting.
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    Hey Bellman,

    What'd u find? I'm looking for the same thing only with an option of selecting down to minutes, previous session (pre-market) close (not previous intra day).

    Also selecting >1B market cap, and >100k volume. I'd also like to place orders from the results screen as well.

    I've been missing some good runs by manually having to track things, several 10 minute green candles and if I would have caught them in the 2 or 3rd minute...