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  1. I am using the stock screener by TDAmeritrade StrategyDesk. I want to find out the stocks which have a well-defined consolidation pattern. Can I do that? If you have a screener that can do that, can you tell me how you set up the conditions?

    Thank you.
  2. topeak


    what are some good stock screening programs that people are using?
  3. trade ideas
    tradestation radar
    esignal power scan
  4. Thanks for your comment.

    I may rephrase the question: How do I design a program or script to find out the stocks with well-defined consolidation pattern?
  5. I think Tradestation Radar scanner is worth a look, I want a screener by Indicators MACD above 20% line etc
  6. trader105

    you would need to write out what your 'well defined consolidation pattern' is... eg the numerical formal used to define your pattern.

    then look at the different platforms out there and see what people have, and how it's offered...

    then choose the one closest to what you want.
  7. Actually that's what I am asking.
    Say, I want the lows of the day for the last ten days to be close enough (they may not be exactly the same), but I don't know how to deal with the approximation in a simple way.
  8. you could compute a band that represented the range for the lows over last X days...

    and then if the size of the band was less than 1% of the price or whatever, assume it was the same.

    likewise you could more easily say that last low is not same as previous low if it was more than X percent difference in price.
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