Stock Screener for Past Dates

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dvshucks, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. I was just wondering if there is a basic stock screener that I can use to screen on past dates. I just want something basic like marketwatch's screener that searches for volume, % moves, P/E, etc but I want to be able to put in particular dates to scan. Does anyone know of anything like that?
  2. No one knows of anything like that?
  3. Aok


    You mean something like what stock between 10 and 50$ that had the largest % decline, with 3x avg 20 day volume on Jan 6 2007?

    Stockfetcher can do that and more for any day.

    No fundamental searching though, except the most crude, sector, industry, market cap etc

    Im sure fundie searches exist, just dont know of any off hand via specific date.
  4. how do I search that for results from a specific date? If I can get a simple risers and fallers from individual dates, I can look all the other stuff up