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  1. It's one thing to steal, immoral, but if you're not into the whole morality thing than what the heck right? But to post this question amongst 16K + people whose identities you do not know, stealing something directly related with where you are asking - I mean, would you go to an automobile expo and ask how to hotlift the show cars? - the only thing more dumb would be for someone to respond.


    And I cheat on my taxes, commit acts of terrorism - everyday, like to fondle little boys, play the accordian, sacrifice virgins, BUT steal software, that's just wrong, man.
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  2. egusc


    Jerry, you must be a better trader than me, cause i need more than a car.

    Does anyone know of a bank with weak security. This current market as been so hard on me i need some cash.

    Please PM me cause i don't want the bank to know i am coming.

    Thank in advance.
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  3. Well according to qdz/123 anyone with an IB account is fair game for theft :D
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  4. I must have missed something. Could you elaborate :confused:
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  5. don't ask :-/
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  6. xtraderx


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  7. Hi,

    do you know that a lot of companies produce their own cracks. It's a kind of marketing. The people use the "cheap" cracked versions and get accustomed to it.
    And some years or months later they buy a future version.

    It's like feeding the future customers. (I only buy what I know)

    But it's not the way of honour to use cracked software.
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  8. You my friend must be on crack for posting such a question and not expecting to get flamed.

    I'm eagerly waiting for your post complaining about the poor customer service you receive from your cracked software.
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  9. Sono - it's not "cracked" software if the company that produces it releases a crippled or limited version of their own software for people to try out.
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  10. Sonofortunato, you are misinformed. No company would be stupid enough to put out a crack for their own software. They would just give you a timed trial if they wanted you to try the software.

    The claim that companies put out their own cracks is just wishful thinking to rationalize using the crack.
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