Stock screener anyone?

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    Anybody know of a basic stock screener? Nothing complex, as long as it is able to list stocks that have moved by a certain % in a day. thanks
  2. Check out Trade-Ideas Pro. It's a real time screener, and does a lot more. I use it every day to show me where the big money is flowing into/out of. It is probably the one piece of software that is irreplaceable to my trading as it saves me from punching up stock after stock and wasting screen real estate on lists of stocks/sectors. I wrote a review on it in software , it's a winner.
  3. If you click on the stock, does it show the intraday chart plotted in real time. If not then it wouldn't work for me.
  4. has a pretty good scanner, but you have to pay about $25/month. you get a lot more than the scanner for your $25. i subscribe to this.

    I've been using quite a bit lately also. it's very capable and f.r.e.e.
  5. One of the best features is that it links to most charting software packages and execution platforms. When I click on a stock in Trade Ideas, it automatically pulls it into my intra-day chart in my execution platform so that I can pull it and trade it in two clicks.
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    Is there any way to link Trade Ideas to the Tradestation 8 ????
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  8. Whoa, how'd I miss this? It's outstanding. The free EOD scanning capabilities are really powerful.
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