Stock Scanning and Our experience

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I want to ask everyone to put their ideas in stock scanning. I mean:

    what exactly are you looking for
    how do you try to find it
    what scanner are you using

    and anything else you can add.

    Searched the forums for similar thing but didnt find. If there is one, maybe someone can show me the source for it, and we will forget this thread ever been started.


    I used to trade forex for 4 years. Pretty successfully las two yrs. I used to look for patterns on the chart.. actually for one pattern - gartley (Ideally combined with earlier divergence on MACD and trendline break). I dont know how to explain but I know wich one would work and wich one wont. The reason I switched from forex to stocks is that its very few currency pairs, and as I decided to trade only thing that I surely know - 80% of my time I am jobless. sometimes I wait for a week for that pattern to appear because I trade H4 and Daily. But there are loads of stocks, where this setup works perfectly the only one problem is - HOW to find them. HOW to tell the scanner what Im looking for. Tried to use different codes - didnt work.
    At the moment Im using and Im looking for overbought/oversold RSI declining/improving, then I go through results and search for the setup Im looking for. Takes a lot of time, but for the moment I know nothing better.

    Attaching the setups Im looking for
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  2. I believe this is the wrong group for this topic.

    There are many free scanner that can does that job. I use, but it has it weakness, but will get the job done.

    Of course, you have to manually filter the list yourself.
  3. Excellent Commentary

    Check out Amibroker and Ninjatrader ......have some interesting capabilities....when coupled with IQFeed......
  4. show stocks where average volume (90) above 2000000, average daily range above 8%, market is nasdaq.

    Show stocks where average daily profit without any work is above 32%. reward to risk at 100:1 :D
  5. :D :D good 1
  6. d-seven


    I want:

    1) Growth Rates (earnings) more than 25%
    2) Acceleration of Earning Estimates
    3) Debt/Equity Ratio < .5
    4) Net Profit Margin >5%
    5) Institutional ownership <85% but .20%
    6) Increasing EPS Qtr over qtr

  7. u r definitely fundamentalist...
    Would be more interesting to hear from ones who look for technical things on the charts
  8. good setup :cool:
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  9. Druid


  10. ARBA nicely worked, but ugly thing happened later. Luckily I was out

    setup for today
    example for short - PWR
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