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  1. Could someone please direct me to a company that could build for me a custom stock scan based on paramaters I give them...I called a few companies and they either seemed really flakey, or very expensive...any leads would help
  2. describe generally or in another word abstractly what your trying to accomplish.. from what datasource, etc..
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    can you name them?
  4. i'm looking for a stock scanner to help me find stocks to day trade which fits into specific paramters...There are many stock scanners out there, but I want to have customized the paramaters I am looking to trade..I want the scanner to be a list updating throughtout the whole trading day
  5. my suggestion... find a customizable platform that is extensible.. and find someone in that community to do it for you.. IE ninjatrader.. or what i use Amibroker.. your basically going to be paying someone to write scripts to a already well written platform.. and you won't be subject to whatever some "company" tells you is best.. any extensible program will be able to handle exactly what your asking.. Scans in realtime or even discrete small time intervals as you specify over a range of stocks or futures that you define maybe based on liquidity.. you can parameterize the scan however you want.. i personally like everyone at Amibroker.. i've used ninjatrader.. and didn't get near the help.. and everyone will tell you how helpful the developers are at Amibroker, and how simply the language is to use.. you might be able to do alot of it yourself..
  6. I haven't used it but I hear some use tools like to do what you want.
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    Have you looked at

    Some screen shots:

    I don't own it, but I had the site bookmarked for review. It looks like the output is in Excel so presumably you can customize until the cows come home. Plus, the developer sells his time on the side.