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  1. Is there a web based stock scanner that I can use to create simple (EOD) scans for signals such as: customized MA cross, Inside Days, Narrow Range days, etc.

    I use TC2000 on my home pc, but travel alot and am looking for something that I can use over the web.

    All input is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  3. is completely web based. Here is a list of all the scans you can run:
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  6. Which is best realtime scanner for candles and
    chart pattern recognition that you can buy for
    one time (which you do not have to subscribe)
    that works with main datafeed like E-signal?

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    Try Amibroker. There are some candlestick and pattern recognition codes written for this program but you can always code yourself to make it fit your ideas. Very good software.
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