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  1. Can anyone here recommend a free website or a free software package that scans stocks to find specific criteria (like largest % gainers . . .etc. . .) ? ? ? A good one !
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  3. I dont think you can beat

    it can do it all and just about make lunch too. its free for end of day data and pretty cheap for real time data.
  4. I second that on Blocks.
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    It amazes me that so many people want something good but then want it to be free.

    Why not pay for a decent scanner. It should pay for itself from better trades you find.
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  7. "Information wants to be free"
  8. Couple of good words in the article.

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  9. And there's of course the ambiguity in what "free" means. The fellow who's credited with saying it first is a native English speaker. Did he mean "free" as in "without monetary cost" or "free" as in "freedom"?

    I prefer the "without monetary cost" interpretation. :cool:
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