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Which type of stock trading yields consistent profits?

  1. Scalping (held for few minutes)

    61 vote(s)
  2. Day Trading (held for at least an hour)

    20 vote(s)
  3. Swing Trading (held for few days)

    29 vote(s)
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  1. Hi, I just recently started scalping stocks after years of swing trade losses. I have been doing great with small accumulated profits. Very happy that I found elite trader because I want to know if there are other consistent stock scalpers who are willing to share scalping ideas. If you are a fairly good scalper, please post your daily gains/losses. I am not asking for your statements. An honest gain/loss detail per day with which stocks you have scalped will be very helpful. I will post my profits/losses and the stocks I have traded every day. The end result of this post is to measure the amount of successful scalpers and their average gains per day.


  2. Here is what happend on friday:

    OSTK: +.30 [1000 shares long]
    IIJI: +.25 [5000 shares long]

    Profit on day after commissions: $1,470
    Total Time in Market: 8 mins 26 secs


    nice work!
    interestingly enough I am switching as well to a shorter time frame. I will be focusing on signals from the indexes, old fashioned tape reading, news, and I just added trade-ideas scanner for other things like size bids/offers and range breakouts. Good luck!
  4. hi stockman

    can you post the time of day you got in and out of each stock and some reasons why you made the trades ? also what your commissions are and if you get rebates ? ( an annoted screen shot would be super if you have the capability to do this )?

    in my opinion ... holding onto winners and letting them double . triple , even 10 bagger in price
    probably beats any short term trading system

    but I see two possible problems here

    A: IRS probably does not want to see
    traders who claim to be active
    become inactive in their profits (?)

    B: discovering the catalyst that lets a stock
    become such a double / triple etc . is not so
    easy and the desire for a short term trader
    to take profits must be enormous along the
    way , plus hedging costs could add up
    to protect against news related blow ups

    IN 2000 I made 1200 % on my acct doing scalp
    arbitrage ... but the change to decimals and ECN
    mergers killed this "easy money" in the following
    year ( years )
  5. Hi SethArb, I use a paid chat room to do most of my scalping trades. Therefore, I could not tell you why they have traded what they traded. Unfortunately, due to ETs policies, I cannot post the link to them either. So they made the call for iiji at 9:55am and the call for OSTK at 3 pm.

    Also I wanna make one thing clear: When I am talking about scalping, I am not talking about rebate trading. To answer your question: I do not get any rebates, i do not pay any ecn fees. I just pay .01 for first 500 shares and .005 for the rest all inclusive except sec fees.

  6. mike2


    I am not a successful scalper yet because I am in a long term mentality and trying to change. Therefore I cannot post my results.

  7. can't post a link? I post them all the time, and so do a lot of other people. Is it Vlad's room?
  8. sbird


    Friday was frustrating, was up 1k on about 60k shares in the first 45 minutes, then i started to get chopped up a little. Stopped trading and waited for the last two hours.

    I should have just left, ended up with 700 up on 220k shares, lost about 400 dollars. I hate summer markets.
  9. Swingout, the chat room I use is not a sponsor as described under the guidelines of ET. This is a wonderful forum and I do not wish to lose my posting privilege. If you need the link to the chat room PM me or email me.

    Sbird, thank you for contributing to this thread. I encourage more scalpers to post their daily P&L.

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    This is a thread about Stock Scalper's P&L, not about discussing commercial chatrooms. If you have any questions along those lines please PM individuals and if they would like to carry on a private conversation with you they will do so. Thanks.
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